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Sexting 101: Mad Libs

First get in the mind set. Your sext should be about the person are sending it to, and the outlandish things you want to do to them. Unless you intend to be funny avoid emoticons.




A note on body parts: think carefully about what you call various body parts.

Sexting 202: Free-form and Similes

Now that you are comfortable with the basics stop restricting yourself to body parts. You can use any noun, however there are some nouns that are better than others. Consider the picture that your words paint:

Also, start adding modifiers:

I want to_(Verb)_ your_(Noun)__with my__(Noun)__until you __(Verb)__on my floor.

Similes, like statements, are another way to spice up your spicy texts. Start off simple and then try mixing them in with your other skills.


I want to__(Verb)__you like a__(Noun)__.

A bit more flowery:

Your__(Noun)__feels like__(Noun[s])__(Verb-ing)__my__(Noun)__.

Sexting 303: Have Fun, But Be Smart

Formulas are limiting. Keep your sexts fresh by using modifiers. The best modifications are sensations: warm, salty, firm etc.

Remember that sexting is mental. So, consider your goal and audience. Are you trying to be sexy or dirty? If the goal is dirty go with explicit. If you want better sexy results be implicit, rather than graphic, because engaging your readers mind makes it sexier.

Implied action:

Explicit action:

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